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Spinning Bike 9909c -- Appear At The Opening Ceremony Of The Tokyo Olympic Games

Author:Admin Addtime:2021-11-09

At 19:13 on July 23, 2021, the opening ceremony of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games officially opened in Tokyo, Japan.

Against the light and music of the venue, a female athlete rode on a spin bike in the center of the opening ceremony.

Perhaps most people may not know that at the beginning of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games, spin bike has attracted more and more attention came from Fujian, China, Zhangzhou Welcome fitness Equipment Co., Ltd.

The employees of Welcome shared the good news in the moments this exciting night, "look! It's this spin bike! We produce and design it!"

The appearance of the sports bike 9909c is fashionable and cutting-edge. The flywheel is fully wrapped and integrated, making the fuselage more smooth and beautiful. 8-levels resistance adjustable knob, a variety of options to meet different sports intensity and enjoy sports fun. Bid farewell to the friction resistance system, upgrade the magnetic control resistance, solve the Caton problem, ride more smoothly, more quietly and have a better riding experience.

This 9909c spin bike was caught and photographed by the director of the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games. With its unparalleled simple lines, it has become the focus of attention like a work of art in the center of the Olympic stage.

Why our products can appear at the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games? In this regard, Welcome company concluded that the strong consumption power in the international and domestic markets has promoted scientific and technological innovation. The huge potential international and domestic markets and the increasing diversification of consumer demand have confirmed that Welcome enterprises must make greater efforts in product innovation and quality.

This spin bike represents the desire for life and freedom. Although the epidemic has disrupted their training steps and disrupted the original order and rhythm of the world, the Olympic athletes have never stopped following their dreams, and human beings have never given up their pursuit of health and hope for life.

Taking the Tokyo Olympic Games as an opportunity, "made in China" stunning the world again. Whether they are "made in China" or "Chinese athletes", they adhere to progress and represent the indelible fighting spirit of the Chinese people. Like Olympic athletes, spinning bike 9909c leads the world in their respective fields and wins glory for the country.