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Rower 5801S At The 39th China Sport Show

Author:Admin Addtime:2021-11-09

No sports product can cover all exercise items and replace other sports tools. However, the sports product dual handle rowing machine displayed by Welcome at the 39th China Sport Show held in Shanghai can cover most exercise items, so that people can exercise their whole body when using it. Therefore, this dual handle rowing machine has naturally become the focus of the whole audience of the sports show, making sports lovers participating in the sports show "fall in love at first sight".

Welcome's dual handle rowing machine is a simulated dual handle rower designed based on high simulation technology. It is different from the monotonous and nominal shortcomings of the existing rowers in the market. Relying on the developed core patent technology, it simulates the real rowing experience, and truly realizes the close to real dual handle rowing.

The simulated double oars are very flexible and can match many targeted exercise methods, such asdual handle outward expansion pull-back rowing, dual handle inward retraction pull-back rowing, dual handle "8" fancy rowing, left single oar two handed rowing, right single handle two handed rowing, and sit-up brace double oar rowing. Different rowing methods can mobilize different muscle groups. In the case of double oar outward expansion and back pull rowing, when this method is adopted, the muscle groups of arms, shoulders, chest, abdomen, waist, back and legs can obviously feel the pull, which is almost 90% of the muscle groups of the whole body are mobilized for exercise, Its powerful function can be seen.

In addition, when rowing with two oars, this double oar rowing machine can lie flat all over the body, stretch and relax the whole body, and release the pressure of shoulder, neck and spine to a certain extent, so as to healthy shoulder, neck and spine.

Each of the sports products displayed by welcome at the sports show is powerful and livable, which is Welcome's accurate insight into the whole sports market - Welcome's main future direction is also the field of home sports. This powerful and excellent dual handle rowing machine is undoubtedly a landmark product that can lead the trend for the increasingly hot trend of home sports at this stage.