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Congratulations to Xiamen Bokang for passing BSCI certification

Author:Admin Addtime:2024-04-01

Recently, in order to better explore the international market, Xiamen Bokang accepted the audit of SGS's BSCI certification team. Through the audit process of document review, enterprise on-site audit, employee interview and so on, the SGS audit team gave a high degree of recognition to the management of Xiamen Bokang, and on March 20, the audit report was sent to Xiamen Bokang.

The European BSCI certification mainly focuses on a range of corporate social responsibility performance audits, including freedom of association and collective bargaining rights, prohibition of discrimination, working hours, workplace safety, prohibition of child labor, prohibition of forced labor, environment and safety. BSCI certification is widely recognized by the international market because of its global influence, wide coverage of industries, and strict audit process.

Xiamen Bokang can successfully pass this series of rigorous inspection and audit, not only reflects the strength of the enterprise, but also affirms Xiamen Bokang in undertaking corporate social responsibility, respecting and protecting the human rights of employees.

As a strategic step for Xiamen Bokang to enter the overseas market, obtaining BSCI certification can reduce the audit of foreign customers and help stabilize the cooperative relationship between the company and buyers; It can also reduce links and reduce costs when Xiamen Bokang expands its international market sales network. All these mean that in the future, Xiamen Bokang will deliver more expensive and high-quality products to the international market.